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  • What is an audio guestbook?
    You've likely attended a wedding or other special event and been asked to sign a paper guestbook (or maybe a framed photo, a pair of skis, a planter - we've seen it all!) Audio guestbooks take the place of (or supplement) a traditional guestbook, allowing guests to record personalized audio messages instead of writing notes. With an audio guestbook, your guests can easily leave messages for the occasion as simply as picking up the phone receiver, listening to the pre-recorded greeting and leaving their message. These new-age guestbooks provide a fun and interactive way for guests to express well-wishes, share stories and leave personalized messages. With Forever Fone, you can turn any event into an unforgettable experience that stands out from the rest.
  • What makes audio guestbooks different?
    Weddings require months of planning and still seem to be over in the blink of an eye. An audio guestbook provides a way for you to remember your special day and the sound of your loved ones voices for years to come. For retirements, graduations, baby/bridal showers and small business launch parties, an audio guestbook provides guests with an opportunity to leave well-wishes and life advice. While a traditional guestbook might get stuffed in a closet only to collect dust, you can save your digitized audio files to your computer or phone and listen back on them as easily as pressing play!
  • Where should I put my phone at my event?
    We suggest putting your guestbook in an easy-to-spot, high-traffic area (that way, no one can miss it.) We've seen our couples place the phone on a gift table, escort card table, or right outside of the ceremony venue! While we encourage you to get creative, locations we recommend avoid setting up your guestbook include - anywhere with loud noise (ex: near the band or DJ), near open flame (electric candles are great, real candles, not so much) or any surface it might be easily knocked off.
  • Is shipping / drop-off free?
    We currently provide pickup/drop-off to events in Wilmington, NC with 15 miles of 28405. Please fill out our booking request form and we will be in touch with more information!
  • Is it easy to set-up and use?
    Yes! ForeverFone requires very little effort to set-up, and does not need a telephone line, cell reception or wifi. Just plug it in, turn it 'on' and listen for the beep! To use, guests will pick up the receiver in which they will immediately be prompted by a pre-recorded greeting. After the phone beeps, leave your message and hang up! Setting the receiver back down ensures your guests' messages are safely recorded. To avoid any confusion, we also offer acrylic sign add-ons with step-by-step instructions for your guests on how to use the phone (hint - it's super simple!)
  • How do I set up the phone?
    An instruction manual is included with the phone. Please contact us by phone, text or email right away with any questions or problems! We want to help make your day stress free :)
  • Does the phone require a power outlet or WiFi?
    Each of phones is fully equipped with the cords necessary to plug into standard power outlets. If your wedding/event is being held outside, we also offer several power banks for an additional charge.
  • When do I receive my recordings?
    You will receive an email with your voicemail files within two weeks after we receive the phone.
  • Do the phones need to be connected to wifi?
    They do not! Our phones require no outside internet connection to record your audio messages. However, phones must be plugged into an electrical outlet or the provided power bank (please do not try to use your own power bank).
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